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Summer Bond

Summer Bond

Summer is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and life-time dog lover. She is currently a member of Durango Dog College, a community of like-minded positive dog trainers, and Pet Professional Guild. Her 2 dogs, Trinity and Rose, are both American Brittanys, who are high energy problem solving pups- (meaning they figure the funnest ways to get into everything!). Summer’s current certification, CPDT-KA, requires extensive education, hands-on experience and testing.

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Love this! ...

Ok, my kind, over-worked, under-appreciated and maligned Do No Harm trainers everywhere. Insert THIS in your photo program to whip out when someone says, "cookie pushers"! Mic drop. Thank you Mark Hasan Qureshi! ARE THOSE SLEEVES TATTOOS? IS YOUR HEAD SHAVED??? IS THAT A PITBULL?? Oh no, it's a pink harness!!! ARE YOU IN LOWES? OMG -- IS THAT A COOKIE IN YOUR HAND?????? 😱😱😱 LOL 💟😎🦋

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